Does Amazon book advertising work?


Many people know that Amazon is the leading publication player and the biggest reader gathering in the world. Recent statistics have shown that more than 40% of Amazon’s overall book sales.

So, if you want to make your books open to readers, the best option is Amazon book advertising work. Moreover, they have a massive 70% market share of all e-book sales.

More specifically, people who shop on Amazon can already order. When someone browses Amazon books, they are in a position to buy with a quick click of a button. And if they’re a Basic, they’re free to load for two days.

Just pay-per-click fee for Amazon ads

Pay-per-click means you’re not charged if nobody clicks on your ad. Therefore, whether people look at your ad, shine or get irritated, you are not penalized. You just need to click on the ad and go to your particular book page to charge your credit card.


Amazon advertising are offering thousands of free impressions

Because Amazon only charges per button, writers can obtain thousands of impressions free of charge. Even if you don’t click on your ad, you still see it on your phone.

Your book title, book cover, author’s name show before the audience, helping to create recognition of the author and the company. Half of the war appears in the first place.

Creating Amazon ads is fast

Amazon book ads are a breeze to set up and track relative to Facebook. Just three simple steps are available. Choose which sort of ad you want to buy.

Choose the cover of your book that you want to advertise. So write a publicity hook of 30 words for your ad.


Amazon advertising cost just $1 –$5 a day

If you’re a shoestring blogger, Amazon will buy ads at $1-$5 a day. That’s cheap dirt! And you can set your own keywords to help buy your book most likely by aiming your ad to the shoppers.

Amazon is not going to waste your money

In comparison to Facebook or Google, Amazon hesitates to spend their money. Many channels should invest as fast as possible on their daily budget. However, some writers have told me that Amazon’s algorithms are very conservative.

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