How do you respond to a customer asking for a discount?


As a professional, you want to give the best possible service. You have worked hard to develop the skills to provide the best possible advice to respond to a customer asking for a discount. So what are you doing when someone comes to you and asks for a discount?

You clearly cannot afford to offer your product free of charge. So how do you respond to a discount request in such a way as to show respect for the customer but not to devalue the company?

Here are a few suggestions on how to react.

Believe it or not, there’s a wrong way of marketing and a wrong way. It’s not enough to “yes.” You will do this in a manner that is focused on quickly showing the importance of what you sell.

Start by exploring their desires before you tell them what you should do. Figure out what your goals are and where you have had health problems in the past. Then tailor the ideas to suit these needs.

As you describe your services, you have already expressed the needs of the customer. When you hit the price, the consumer is persuaded and the mark is no obstacle.

If you get an objection, highlight your interest again and explain how you help them accomplish their objectives. It should help you to understand that the full price is worth what you bid.

If you decide to give a customer discount, I’d definitely suggest that you wear it and make the most of it.

Of example, if you merge your purchases with you, you can give a consumer discount; are there items that your business needs to function, but does not purchase from you?

If so, you can ask where they are purchasing and offer a discount for a package agreement with what they are buying already.

customer discount

That way, you will take your rivals to market while giving the buyer a better deal, which is a win – win scenario. These are the ways to respond when customer asks for a discount.

You may believe you should always offer discounts because you want a new customer, after all. But the fact is, you want a customer, but not to the detriment of your company.

Instead, meet up with clients who may not afford you. You never know when the situation is going to change. By being reliable, you can make sure you’re their first call when they can have exercise assistance.

Concentrate on the benefit you give and never offer a discount without changing terms. You’re more relaxed and the company is more effective.

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