How do you deal with non-paying customers?


There are many reasons, from unpaid payments to unforeseen additional costs, which the consumer cannot bear. Nonetheless, an unpaid invoice will damage your business, regardless of the circumstances.

If you want to obtain your money, you have to act and deal with non-paying customers. They can never promise that each individual customer pays a bill on time, but there are things that you can do to keep the payment late or missing to a minimum in the future.

Think about all expenses and terms of payment before you start a project

Putting everything on the table instantly not only sets the customer’s payment requirements, it also creates the confidence required for an efficient and productive customer relationship, said Waldorf. Make sure the customer is fully aware of the expected costs before diving into a project and you have time to answer any questions immediately.

Bill for upfront jobs

When you find using an invoice program to be too dangerous, ask for full payment before you undertake some job.

Any customers may be reluctant to pay before they get a job –it’s a two-way street. Encourage them to read testimonials or meet former clients and provide more reassurance.

Give invoices directly

As a small business owner, it can easily lose control of a customer’s payment with so many things on your hands. You may even forget to send a customer first and then pay the bill that you never submitted will only ruin your reputation.

non-paying customers

What if clients don’t pay?

Waldorf noted that money is not always easy to deal with, so you may want to relax the subject to deal with clients which refuse to pay.

If your client does not yet bill, be open to hear the excuses. You should ask questions about your job satisfaction, financial difficulties and anything that can lead to your refusal to pay.

If a non-paid user refuses the e-mails and calls the invoice, ask for payment a little firmer. Service companies who operate consistently with the client are best placed to offer an ultimatum.

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