How to start a conversation with a customer on the phone?


You are face to face with someone you know is a potential customer for the product or service of your business. You want to sell and you know that the only way to do so is to speak to that guy. You can’t just think what to say in order to do that.

Here’s what you don’t want to say: “Let me tell you about our fantastic offer.” Say something like that, and you’ll want to run from a very hostile makeup salesman at the stores.

Say something like that. Smart sellers know that, for a few minutes or for a long period of time, you must first build a partnership with your potential buyer, and then seek to pitch everything you have to start a conversation with a customer on the phone.

If you are not familiar with the business in the badge, inquire what the company is doing. If it’s the name of a household, you can always ask what work there is like.

Use any of these chat openings to get started:

Please ask a question

Prospects that have been exposed to many other people selling stuff –for example at a trade show –may well be ready for a play about the wonderful thing you are selling.

Do you know how long the keynote will start?’ to ‘Where is the best place to get a pizza here?’


Say about nature. Mention something about weather

The reason people talk about the weather so much is because it is the safest subject. Yet something has to be said almost always, whether “Gee, what a wonderful day!” or “When’s this rain ever to stop?”

Ask if you enjoy the event

“Do you have a nice day so far?” is a safe way to start a conversation in almost any situation.

Tell yourselves about their jobs

This is also a pleasant approach to conversation, as most people like to chat about their work. Name badges can be a huge help. If the badge contains a title and is unique, inquire what kind of research they are doing.

tart a conversation with a customer

Comment on the spot

Unless the event is held in a hotel or convention center which is completely generic, when you meet there is always something to learn.

If it’s your first encounter, you can feel what your first thoughts are. You can ask what they think of the place, if the event is in your home town.

Praise something, they did to start conversation over the phone with a customer.

When you know about prospective customers and their businesses by their name, don’t miss the opportunity to chat about anything they or their business did.

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