Can you do marketing with a journalism degree?


Journalists and authors have different opportunities for job changes with the growing success of the inbound marketing and content marketing.

A content development unit within a communications department or agency will make a nice complement to journalists and talented writers.

New skills may be needed, however. In addition to the ability to produce valuable, buyer-driven, content, many companies require marketers to have diverse digital skills.

journalism degreeFrom the understanding of basic SEOs to web analytics, brand marketers now have to develop their skills to become a valuable team leader and position their products inside competitive markets and complicated purchasing trips.

But for journalists who might be short of any skills, here are tips to help you achieve your perfect marketing position.

How about marketing with a journalism degree?

You have a lot of experience as a journalist to fill a marketing gap. Study the curriculum vitae to demonstrate unique skills, writing talents and media connections.

Such writer-specific talents go a long way in the world of marketing in addition to general marketing skills.

As a journalist, you already have multiple social media advertisers following you. Start to share content, ideas and trends both in the marketing sector and in a specific category that you want to penetrate.

Begin to follow popular blogs and trade journals, repost material, and increase the amount of knowledge you find useful. Thus you can get started marketing career with a journalism degree.

Be mindful that content marketers must develop a deep knowledge of the industry under their company group.

You can’t just research SEO patterns. You must also develop subject matter expertise in the industry, for example, if you plan to become a digital marketer focusing on B2B technology companies. You will research patterns in modern IT technologies in this case.

If you have big social accounts related to their industry, businesses would be interested in you because it means that you have leverage over a certain market. Use this to your benefit in the interview and when you meet a particular company.

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