How do you stop all promotional sms?


Many of us are sick or exhausted. Although it is possible to block all such calls and text messages by using a DND option, some of us may want to keep getting Banking or other services information. You must register your preferences to stop all promotional sms.

As a telecom user, you can either ignore all commercial calls and text messages or block only commercial calls when you receive your preferred text messages.

When you vote for the partially blocked list, the customer service representative will remind you to exercise your preference. One or a mixture of some or all subjects can be selected.

The Customer Care Director must check and log your interests. You will receive a text message confirming your preferences with your specific registration number.

The mobile service provider must send a message to affirm the options exercised on receipt of a text message. You must send a text message confirmation so that the exercised options are applied.

The mobile service provider must verify your preferences and give you a text message upon receiving the SMS confirmation letter, listing your preferences together with your specific registration number.

promotional sms

If you choose a partially blocked type, you will receive no commercial calls nor text messages on subjects you select.

Please be aware of the need to lodge the complaint with the telephone number on which the unsolicited commercial correspondence was received and to file the lawsuit within three days of receipt of the unsolicited communication.

The complaint will be reported and approved by the telecommunications service provider via a text message with a single complaint number.

Within 7 days following the reservation of the petition, you will be told of the action taken to stop all sms ads messages.

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